Reed Avocado (Large)

$ 2.00


It’s a round fruit, and the outer skin is smoother and less pebbled than a Hass. Reed avocados grow large. Avocados, like bananas, don’t ripen until after they’re picked, which makes it easier for farmers to leave them on the vine to grow larger. The Reeds come into season later in the summer than Hass avocados do, and are typically available from February onwards.

Unlike Hass avocados, the Reeds don’t darken much as they ripen. Rather, you have to rely on a touch test—it should give way slightly to firm pressure, but not too much. And if you shake them, the pit will rattle slightly if they’re ripe. Reeds are creamier and denser than Hass avocados.


Our family has a 15 year old Avocado orchard called Avojoa, on the outskirts of Oakura, opposite the Kaitake Golf Course on the main road heading towards Okato.

We have a good crop of the Hass variety avocados at this time of year, with the Reed variety coming on Autumn 2019.

Although not certified organic, we are spray free and use natural orchard management.

Our goal is to provide the local community with fresh, reasonably priced, spray free fruit and vegetables as we believe these are the best for our health and well being, and like to encourage others toward this healthy lifestyle.

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