Savoury Seeds

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KB Creative Savoury are a combination of five super seeds (Superfoods), a special blend of olive oil and Organic Soybean based product.

With a close eye on roasting and toasting, I have created this delicious, tasty, crunchy seed mix. The savoury seeds are a great source of protein, wheat-free and naturally low in saturated fats & sugars, makes it a fantastic healthy snack or accompaniment to your favourite dishes. The mouth-watering flavour, texture and taste is a delight for your palette.

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KB Creative

Hi there!

I’m Kylee, a local girl from the Naki.

I’ve been making a couple of products for a while which include White Chocolate & Macadamia Fudge & a couple of seed products Sweet (Honey) & Savoury mixes.

I spend most weekends at local markets promoting my products, but now after some convincing from family & friends, it’s time to expand my customer base.

All products are hand and homemade by me.
Making something I love to share with others.

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