World class food producing conditions

Blessed with fantastic natural environment from mountain to sea, Taranaki has been producing world class food for over 150 years. However today, nowhere near enough of this produce is bought, enjoyed or supported by locals. Luckily, a revived wave of noble entrepreneurs and artisans are starting to realise Taranaki’s food producing potential.

Through hard work, and often tough conditions, our local producers are striving hard to make high quality food as good, if not better, than anywhere else in the country. Our strengthening community is here to start filling your baskets with a great range of awesome local food!

About Your Local Hosts

Rosie and Jeff love food. While that could be said about lots of people, they love EVERYTHING about food – culture, memes, producers, systems, waste and habits. Having returned from overseas in early 2017, they started a little artisan sourdough bakery from home in New Plymouth and kicked around local markets selling their wares.

As winter took hold and weekend markets became sodden with rain, they realised the value of pre-order markets they’d seen in Europe. It would be completely different to how New Zealanders view food shopping, but it was growing global trend and could be tidily implemented with a clever online process.

Drawing on a combined set of skills and experiences gained in the commercial and food industry (and a lot of generous support from the local food producing community) the first HokoLoko prototype was launched in downtown New Plymouth in October 2017.

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